Trinity Notice: Safely Together

As Trinity plays a vital front line role in the health and happiness of our clients, we keep the safety of our community and colleagues our top priority. Together with you, we are focused on being “Safely Together.” We continue to follow strict measures to protect public health to ensure the safety of our clients and community during Step 3 of BC’s restart plan.

First, any clients and team members who are showing signs of cold or flu (chills, fever, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, shortness of breath, loss of sense/smell, loss of appetite, fatigue) will be respectfully asked to refrain from visiting the clinic. Please know that we can provide tele-rehab in such a situation. If you are a client who is at a greater risk (i.e. an underlying medical condition) extra precautions will be discussed and undertaken.

Second, masks will continue to be worn at all times. This includes each team member and each client. This also includes wearing masks at all times even when exercising in the gym. Our team believes this upholds our commitment to take every possible measure to provide a safe working environment for everyone.

Third, our team is committed to the strictest hygiene. Upon entering the clinic, each client is asked to wash their hands. All equipment is thoroughly disinfected after each use, frequently touched surfaces are sterilized, and personal protective equipment (PPE) is being used in all appropriate situations. We will be continuing to limit the density of our appointments to reduce client-to-client contact. Administrative guidelines from WorkSafeBC are followed strictly by all team members.

Forth, we kindly ask you to consider the possible risk to a health care clinic with recent international travel. We will ask each client if they have completed international travel (flight/cruise) in the past 14 days. If so, in accordance to Government of Canada guidelines, we will ask you if you are fully asymptomatic and fully vaccinated. If yes, you will be welcomed to attend our clinic, but will need to wear a mask at all times. If not, we will ask you to wait 14 days before attending our clinic to ensure the highest level of safety to our all our clients, colleagues and community. It will also be communicated that Tele-health can be a great alternative at anytime.

Finally, each client is asked to complete a mandatory health screening survey before every appointment to ensure a safe visit. A non-contact forehead thermometer is available for therapists to screen clients for fever. If a high temperature is present (>38.5°, red on the screen:) it is our policy to respectfully reschedule the appointment.

We are so proud of our commitment to safety as we continue to offer the highest quality of care. We will continue to work very hard for you.

Covid-19 Update