We understand the great benefits of exercise. We believe in providing welcoming, skillful, and professional exercise therapy. Our kinesiologists work hard to educate, encourage, empower you to reach your goals. We believe in providing the most skilled, results-driven and fun exercise programs.

Following an initial assessment, our experienced kinesiologist will design an individualized program to encourage and support to improve your strength, conditioning, and mobility.

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ICBC Kinesiology

45 min

45 min

45 min

Additional Information

An increasing number of health benefits providers have added kinesiology to their plans. Please check with your coverage to see if kinesiology is included in your benefits package.

Please provide us with your ICBC claim details and we will seek approval this program. You may be automatically pre-approved for 12 sessions of Active Rehab.

ICBC are pre-approved for 12 sessions of Active Rehab within the first 12 weeks of your accident. Please check with ICBC as required for any questions. Following an initial assessment, a custom exercise program is designed by our skilled and experienced kinesiologists. We believe in working hard to regain health, strength and wellness after a motor vehicle accident.

Kinesiologists are considered to be “Physical Therapist Support Workers” (PTSW). A physiotherapist needs to conduct an initial client assessment and will carefully monitor and modify the exercise program.

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