Physio-Supported Kinesiology Program - Exercise Therapy at Trinity Physio, Sport & Wellness

Achieve your health and fitness goals with the added support and expertise at Trinity Physio, Sport & Wellness. Combining the knowledge and skills of our kinesiologists and physiotherapists, the Physio-Supported Kinesiology Program – Exercise Therapy| offers comprehensive care and personalized exercise plans to help you to maintain activity participation, prevent injuries and maximize your function. 

We believe great team collaboration is one of the best way to help achieve your goals. Our physiotherapists work directly with our kinesiologists to offer effective physio-supervised exercise program*. These services can be covered by physiotherapy benefits for kinesiology sessions with a kinesiologist either at our gym our in your home.** 

*Kinesiology sessions under Physio Supervision adheres to the guidelines provided by the College of Physiotherapists of BC (CPTBC). 
**Physio-Supervised Kinesiology Sessions can be provided in-person or via virtual visit . 

Benefits of Physio-Supported Kinesiology Exercise Programs 

Our Physio-Supported Kinesiology Exercise Program – Exercise Therapy provide a range of advantages, including: 

  • Expert guidance from both kinesiologists and physiotherapists to address your individual needs and conditions 
  • Personalized exercise plans designed to target your specific goals and challenges 
  • Improved strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility, while minimizing the risk of injury 
  • Enhanced rehabilitation and recovery from injuries or surgeries 
  • Support for managing chronic pain and other health conditions 
  • Greater confidence and motivation to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle 

Our Physio-Supported Kinesiology Exercise Program – Exercise Therapy 

We offer a variety of services to support your health and fitness journey through our Physio-Supported Kinesiology Program – Exercise Therapy. 

Integrated Assessments and Treatment Planning 

Our kinesiologists and physiotherapists collaborate to conduct comprehensive assessments and develop integrated treatment plans that address your specific needs and goals. 

Customized Exercise Plans and Physiotherapy Interventions 

Based on your assessment results and objectives, our team designs individualized exercise program to optimize your progress, function, and overall well-being. 

Progress Monitoring and Program Adjustments 

We continuously evaluate your progress and modify your exercise program as needed to ensure ongoing improvement, adapt to changing needs to reach your goals, and to support your motivation and engagement. 

Education and Support 

Our team provides education and support throughout your journey, empowering you to take an active role in your health and wellness and maintain long-term success. 

Our Expert Physiotherapists and Kinesiologists 

Our dedicated team of kinesiologists and physiotherapists have extensive experience working together to develop and implement effective programming for clients with diverse needs and goals.  Their combined expertise and commitment to evidence-based practice ensure that you receive the highest quality care and guidance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Kinesiologists are considered to be “Physical Therapist Support Workers” (PTSW). One of our physiotherapists needs to conduct an initial assessment and will carefully monitor and modify this exercise program for you.

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