Olivia Gebrewold


Olivia chose to pursue a career in Registered Massage Therapy after suffering a motor vehicle accident in 2020. She saw an RMT for her injuries and experienced firsthand the power of massage therapy for treating her aching body. Olivia's experience inspired her to help others find the same relief and healing that she has through massage. Graduating from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy (VCMT) in 2023, Olivia’s passion for connecting with and helping others guides her practice. She is focused on bringing holistic client-centred care and modifies each treatment to meet the unique needs of her clients. She has had experience working with headaches, peripheral nervous system conditions, sports injuries, general aches and pains, chronic pain, as well as a variety of orthopaedic and systemic conditions. In her practice she uses a combination of manual techniques such as trigger point release, neuromuscular techniques, myofascial release, joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques, and Swedish relaxation massage.
In her spare time she enjoys going on walks with her husband, working out, paddle boarding, hiking, and visiting with family and friends.

Olivia's Languages: English (fluent)